Saturday, April 27, 2013


Our next entry is a thoughtful, touching poem written by talented 14-year-old Majdaleen. Majdaleen is an eager student whom we can always count on to be there when we visit the school. She composed this honest and insightful poem on her own. When she excitedly handed me her finished work, I started to read it and was immediately filled with emotion. Her words vividly express her longings and desires for herself and the people around her and give us a glimpse of the issues that she and her peers are facing. We are proud to share her work with you and thank Majdaleen for sharing it with us.

By Majdaleen

Imagine that we have peace in our land.

Imagine that everyone is free and his life easy.

Imagine that you have power in your hand, and you gonna change the world.

Imagine that the men in the whole world disappear, what gonna happen to the women?

Imagine that we gonna fly without wings.

Imagine that the sky is open clearly.

Imagine that we are born in the heaven.

Imagine that the books can talk and the words can walk.

Imagine that we don’t have a family.

Imagine, Imagine, we gonna still Imagine, hopefully it gonna happen.

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